Gore Orphanage – Urban Legend

This urban legend takes place in Ohio and revolves around an orphanage that burned down. It’s also supposedly the most haunted place in the state.

It begins with a married couple by the names of Johann and Katharina Sprunger who originally lived in Indiana. They decided to start an orphanage after their daughter and son mysteriously died. Their first orphanage was called “The Light of Hope Orphanage” but sadly it burned down in 1899 and three orphans were burned alive within the building.

As a way to put this tragedy behind them, they moved to Vermilion, Ohio and started a new orphanage in 1903 which they called the Gore Orphanage, which contained over 100 boys and girls that lived there. Not all was peaceful within the walls of the orphanage, however.

There were many rumors that darkness and despair plagued the place. The child told stories of abuse, neglect, and slave labor. Supposedly Mrs. Sprunger cooked cow heads and lungs to force feed the children and if they didn’t eat it, they just starved. Mr. Sprunger would beat the children with a leather strap until they were bruised and bloody. Supposedly he also would rent out the children to farmers for slave labor.

The children were only allowed to wash themselves once every two weeks and they all had to use the same dirty bath water. Their rooms were infested with rats that would bite them when they slept. Eventually, the children started escaping, going through the Vermilion River and were taken in by some generous people.

In December 1923 the orphanage caught on fire. It’s unknown how to fire initially started. Some say someone knocked over an oil lamp. Others say that Mr. Sprunger started the fire because he hated the children and wanted insurance money. The building burned with the children still inside, and even though they tried to escape they did not succeed. Their screams and cries could be heard until the fire finally took the lives of all the children.

Nothing remains of the orphanage anymore and where it once stood is a vacant field, but people claim that even today during the night you can still hear the cries and screams of the children. There are claims of seeing ghost figures and apparitions where the building was. The air smells like burning flesh occasionally and people have heard doors opening and shutting and footsteps across wooden floors even though there is nothing there anymore. There is an old tire swing that is hanging from a tree nearby the site and people say you can sometimes see a little boy swinging on it silently.

It’s a horrendous incident that took the lives of over 100 children at the Gore Orphanage so many years ago. It seems the children even now just want someone to help them and save them from the awful hardship they went through. May their souls one day rest in peace.


Black – Eyed Children

The urban legend about black-eyed children are believed to be evil creatures in disguise or even aliens. Their eyes are completely black and they usually stop people late at night and ask for help and if you deny them help, they get extremely aggressive and will disappear once you try to get away. When people encounter these children they are overwhelmed with a feeling of dread or feel like something just isn’t right. There hasn’t been any cases of the children attacking people but the feeling of dread and fear that individuals feel after encountering these children is all too real.

Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm was something I feared very much as a child. If any of you remember the Animal Planet show “Lost Tapes” you might understand why. That show was my first exposure to this creature and it certainly was one that haunted me for many nights. The sounds and the end image of the worm stayed with me for a few years after that and it’s now that I am revisiting it.

The Mongolian Death Worm is an enormous worm that supposedly lives in the Gobi Desert. It is supposedly between two and five feet long and very thick. It is said to live in the western or southern part of the desert. It’s said to travel underground and creates waves of sand that show where it is. The Mongolians say it can kill from a distance by spraying venom or by electric discharge. It’s also told that if any part of the worm was touched it would cause instant death and extreme pain. It acts like a normal worm in that it comes to the surface during rain or afterward. They are said to prey upon camels and they laid their eggs in their intestines. That is just about what is known about them.

They are very mysterious creatures that are also extremely deadly. They are to be avoided at all costs unless you want to become another grain of sand in the vast desert. If you want to live, do not mingle with these worms.

Aswang/Asuwang – Filipino Shapeshifter

The Aswang (or Asuwang) is a Filipino shapeshifting monster known throughout folklore. The monster usually is a combination of the traits of a vampire, a ghoul, a warlock/witch, different species of werebeast, or even all of them together. It should be noted that the Aswang was the most feared mythical creature in the Philippines, even as far back as the 16th century. The myth of the creature is known throughout the Philippines and is especially popular in the Visayas, southern parts of Luzon, and parts of Mindanao. It also goes by other names including “tik-tik”, “bayot”, “wak-wak”, “sok-sok”, and “kling-kling”. The name “Aswang” is derived from the Sanskirt word “Asura” which means “demon”.

The stories of the Aswang vary from region to region and person to person and there is no particular set of characteristics to describe the Aswang but it is usually interchangeable with “manananggal” and is usually depicted as female. Also because of the many different stories of regarding the Aswang there are many different descriptions of appearance and its activities. There are, however, some common themes that make the Aswang different from other creatures.

The Aswang, as mentioned before, are shapeshifters. Many stories say that during the day they are disguised as regular people. Shy, quiet, and even a bit elusive. At night, however, they transform into bats, birds (usually crows), wild boars, black cats, but mostly a big black dog. This next part is a bit grotesque so beware. Their favorite foods are unborn fetuses and small children, mainly their livers and hearts. Some of them have proboscises which they can use to suck children out of the wombs of their mothers while they sleep. Some of the Aswang are so thin they can hide behind bamboo posts and they are very fast. Some of them makes noise such as the Tik-Tik (hence the names). They use these noises to confuse their victims. They may also replace their victims or cadavers with copies or doppelgangers made from tree trunks or other plants. Aswangs have bloodshot eyes from staying up all night hunting for food.

They are physically more like humans during the daytime and only change their appearance at night if they need to go hunting. It has been said that the Aswangs can marry humans and if they do, the human will become one as well but they can not/rarely reproduce. They may hunt together but they will go in separate directions.

They are not harmed by sunlight at all. They can befriended and they can interact with you like any other normal human being. They do not harm their friends and neighbors and have been said to exclude them from being their next meals. They go to places far away that would not be obvious. They are said to be more vulnerable in the day because they do not possess their super strength, and they’ve been known to hunt and kill those who know of their true identities.

There are many ways of getting rid of the Aswang, such as garlic, salt, or religious artifacts and weapons. They are also said to be scared of the sound of a whip made of stingray’s tail. To figure out if a person is an aswang you have to look into their eyes and you will know if they are a aswang if your reflection is upside down. Another way is to bend over and look at them between your legs. If you see something different, it is an aswang. There is a type of oil as well called Hintura which is said to boil and bubble when one is nearby.

These creatures are incredibly interesting. Their disguises are amazing to blend into society and look just like human beings and go about their days among humans. They are fascinating and who knows, maybe there is one living with you right now. You just don’t know it.

Japanese Urban Legend – Hanako

To start off with the spooky and creepiness of the world let’s begin with an urban legend from Japan (because you know that it’s going to be scary if it’s coming from there let me tell you that right now). This urban legend stems from a school setting some twenty or more years ago during a wave of ghost stories and sightings. There are different versions of this ghost depending on the school as do most sightings go, but this is the version I have read up on.

This version is that a little girl’s ghost haunts the school bathrooms, opening and closing doors to scare people who enter alone and who knock on a stall and call her name. Many dread going to the bathroom alone in case they run into her. I mean, who would want to go to the bathroom knowing a ghost girl is there to scare you?

This legend is very similar to the legend of Kashima Reiko, who is a female ghost with no legs that resides in school bathrooms as well who calls out to you. There are various ways as to answer her.

Another one is a male ghost who goes by many names (Aoi Manto/Aka Manto and others) who lives in the last stall in the girls’ bathroom. He asks those who enter, “Which do you prefer, the red paper or the blue paper?” If the person answers red, he will kill them by slashing them on the back or neck repeatedly to make it look like the person was wearing a red cape. If the person picks blue, he will kill them by hanging them.

So in conclusion, be careful when going to the bathroom in a Japanese school, just in case you end up running into any of these “friendly” ghosts.