Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian Death Worm was something I feared very much as a child. If any of you remember the Animal Planet show “Lost Tapes” you might understand why. That show was my first exposure to this creature and it certainly was one that haunted me for many nights. The sounds and the end image of the worm stayed with me for a few years after that and it’s now that I am revisiting it.

The Mongolian Death Worm is an enormous worm that supposedly lives in the Gobi Desert. It is supposedly between two and five feet long and very thick. It is said to live in the western or southern part of the desert. It’s said to travel underground and creates waves of sand that show where it is. The Mongolians say it can kill from a distance by spraying venom or by electric discharge. It’s also told that if any part of the worm was touched it would cause instant death and extreme pain. It acts like a normal worm in that it comes to the surface during rain or afterward. They are said to prey upon camels and they laid their eggs in their intestines. That is just about what is known about them.

They are very mysterious creatures that are also extremely deadly. They are to be avoided at all costs unless you want to become another grain of sand in the vast desert. If you want to live, do not mingle with these worms.


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