Ah, yes. Everyone knows Champ. Or Champy. This lovely name is given to the creature that is living in Lake Champlain, which is shared by New York and Vermont with a bit of it going into Quebec, Canada. There are been over 300 sightings of Champ with some more being sighted today. Legends of the creature date back to the Native American tribes that once lived in those regions. Both the Iroquois and the Abenaki spoke of the creature, the Abenaki called it the “Tatoskok”.

The founder of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain was claimed to be the first European to spot the creature in 1609, however, the legend dates back actually to a quote that was fake published in the Summer 1970 issue of “Vermont Life” and in the article it states that Champlain documented seeing a “20-foot serpent thick as a barrel, and with a head like a horse” when in reality he did describe a creature of decent size but it most likely was a gar.

There have also been reports of a “Captain Crum” making a sighting of an enormous serpentine monster which he estimated to be about 187 feet long and was possibly 200 yards away from him. Despite the distance, he says he saw it being followed by two large sturgeons and a billfish. The creature had three teeth and eyes the color of peeled onions. It also had a belt of red around its neck and a white star on its forehead.

In 1883, Sheriff Nathan H. Mooney claimed that he saw a serpent about “20 rods” from where he was standing on the shore and said he was so close that he could see white spots inside its mouth and it appeared to be around 25-30 feet in length. Since Mooney’s report, many others have come forward to report their sightings as well. Even today people are making claims of seeing Champ as there are dozens upon dozens of photos and videos that can be found of the elusive beast.


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