J’ba Fofi (Giant Spider)

(This is going to be a really short post because I have to go to work soon and I won’t be able to post it tonight)

The J’ba Fofi, also known as the Congolese Giant Spider, is a cryptozoological creature that is said to exist in the Congo. It may be a new species of arachnid of monstrous¬†proportions. It is described as having a brownish colored body that is similar to that of a tarantula with a leg span of four to six feet long. The juveniles possess a yellow color that turns brown as they grow older. They’ve been spotted since the 1890s in Uganda and up until 2013 in Mozambique. They are described by Baka natives as using leaves and spinning circular webs between trees as a way of making their homes. They prey upon birds, duiker, and other small animals. The Baka also said they are rare now because of the dwindling habitat.


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