Beast of Bears

Beast of Bears

The Beast of Bears is a cryptid creature found in Southern Texas, Florida, Virginia, and possibly Arkansas. It resembles a very large bear with scars and missing patches of fur. It’s mostly seen near swamps and sometimes deep woods. It’s described as having a strong smell of alcohol and rotten eggs. It has large red eyes and possibly has gills.

The first sightings were back in 1973 on October 12th at a camping spot near the town of Alice, Texas. Ever since the initial sighting over 31 sightings had been made of the cryptid and the most recent one being May 1st, 2012 in Crestview, Florida. There is no evidence saying it’s a hoax, and there are Inuit stories of giant bears that would drown people and eat them. It could be truth that a giant bear lurks in the woods and swamps. We may never know.


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