(A little update for this blog in the coming months)

Hello everyone! It’s Rebecca the person who is running this wonderful spooky blog! I’m just here with a little update. My second year of college has begun and I am taking four online classes which does require more hours of work and studying than regular in-class stuff so I might not be able to post as much on here as I would like. I’m going to try and figure out a schedule where I can post on here, work on school work, and go to my job all in a somewhat organized way. I don’t want to stop posting completely since I do love reading up on various hauntings, cryptids, crimes, and so much more and letting the world know of them as well. These upcoming weeks are going to be a bit hectic as I try and figure out that type of schedule since I am also trying to get scholarships for next semester so I do not have to take out any loans to get back onto campus and finish up my degree. I appreciate you guys for being so understanding and I appreciate all of you who read my posts and genuinely like them. Have a good day!


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